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Benefits of an azure Managed Services Provider

A MSP or a multi-service portal manages all of your cloud applications, devices, operating systems, hardware and software. This is the ultimate in the flexibility provided by cloud computing and allows you to focus on what you do best – develop, test and deploy! With an azure managed services provider (ASP), you can focus on devoting your time to the things that really matter – not on managing a bunch of different applications. Here are the top six tips for managing an ASP based MSP:

Work With a Multi-Service Portal: Many companies these days are opting for a multi-service portal approach to managing their cloud services. The advantages are clear: you can get a better grip of how your entire infrastructure is performing, gain access to diagnostics information and troubleshooting tools and gain access to more diagnostics tools, and so on.

Working with a multi-service MSP also means that you will have the flexibility to take your existing virtual machines and turn them into a hosted solution. This eliminates a lot of investment costs and the associated maintenance costs as well. Using a MSP for your cloud services allows you to scale up and down as you need – while maintaining greater agility and portability than with the more traditional model of deploying and managing servers on your own.

Work With Existing Azure Subscription: If you already have an azure managed services account, you may want to consider extending your subscription. Many providers offer customers the option to immediately purchase a new unlimited license and begin immediately using azure services. However, it may be difficult to find an azure managed services contract that offers this kind of option. Some azure providers may be able to offer customers a break on the price of the subscription over time by extending the number of months they are licensed for. It is important to ask for any and all options you may have when considering any new cloud computing contract.

Manage Your Data: For businesses that need cloud-based apps, but don’t yet have an in-house data management system in place, it is imperative to invest in an azure services company that can manage and monitor your cloud data. Monitoring your azure services should be an integral part of any contract you sign with an azure service provider. Monitoring your azure environment is important because it allows you to know how and where your data is being used and if you are being wasteful. The right monitoring solutions can allow you to ensure that only you are having access to your data – without affecting your operational or financial processes in any way.

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