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Apple iPhone 6: 5 Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Buying It

The brand name is enough to win your heart- Apple. So, you can pay the iPhone 6 price, diligently. It is very difficult to choose among the iPhones launched by Apple, and if you’re a fan of this brand, this time you must be waiting for what’s new. End up your waiting as apple has launched their latest iPhone 6 with its awesome features. Why you should buy iPhone 6? Here are the best reasons-

Bigger Screen

How long you’ve waited for having a phone with larger screen? Now, your wish will be fulfilled with the Apple iPhone 6. Here, you’re getting 4.7 inches screen which is quite bigger than its contemporaries. Are you thinking of stretching your fingers long? Not to worry, as Apple’s Reach ability functions has made it easy. You just need to tap on the home button.

Longer Battery Life

How irritating it is to charge your battery every few hours? It happens that you forgot to plug in your mobile phone and discover that it is all down during emergency. These are stories of old days. Have your iPhone 6 charged fully and be tension-free for two days.

Speedy Phone

Now, it is common that smart phones will be slower after regular usages. The iOS 8 software in iPhone 6 has made the phone faster and also has given it longer life. Paying the iPhone 6 price can be a long-time investment.

Awesome Camera

Bigger is not better while it comes to Apple. While the other smart phones running in the ‘megapixel competition’ and offering 12-16 megapixel cameras, Apple has not at all participated in the program. Rather, they concentrate more on the quality and that’s why you can take superior quality of pictures with minute detail. The iSight and FaceTime cameras in iPhone 6 have made the phone cooler. The camera is of 8MP with 1.5u pixels and f/22 aperture. But, what has made the phone more interesting is the new sensor that supports auto-focus. This is a feature that you can find in high-end DSLR cameras.

New Programming Language

They have named it quite interesting- Swift. The developers have assured that this new programming language is easier to learn and handle than the previous language, Objective-C. They also have ensured that any new user can utilize it without any hazards.

Apart from these reasons, here are some other benefits you can get from Apple iPhone 6-

  • The aluminum-made rear is smudge free and you won’t get sticky fingertips on your phone.
  • If you’re looking for an all-rounder device, buy Apple iPhone 6 as it serves better than any other smart phone.
  • Due to iOS version, you can stay regularly updated with all the upgrades.

These are some essential features that will make you buy this phone. You can buy from online shopping websites or from any retail shop.

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