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An Overview of the Top Investment Support Services

Engineering projects are quite complex, more so than projects conducted by any other type of businesses. This means that important decisions about various aspects – environmental issues, feasibility, existing resources, operational costs, etc. – must be made. And unlike most other businesses, projects conducted by engineering firms usually involve high capital investment, which means that the price of failure in decision making might be too high for engineering businesses. Therefore, to ensure that proper decisions are made throughout the entire project, engineering businesses should seek investment support services from top engineering consultancy firms. Below is a look at some of the top investment support services for engineering businesses that can help to guarantee the successful start, progression, and completion of projects.

  1. Feasibility studies

Before a project even begins, a feasibility study should be undertaken in order to identify and understand the constraints, risks, and impacts of the project. This helps to create a great plan that will ensure that the project is started and completed successfully with as few problems as possible. Feasibility studies are thus one of the main services that are offered by engineering consultancy firms such as Edif Group, as part of their investment support services package.

  1. Analysis

When it comes to engineering projects, a lot of data is usually involved, most of which is technical to a point that it might not be easily understood by those undertaking the project. This brings about the need for effective data analysis services, which helps the decision makers to understand the information they have. Data analysis can also help to identify risks, constraints, and performance issues, thus providing the decision makers with important information that they can use to reduce the risks of the project and optimise performance.

  1. Due diligence

Due diligence is an important investment support service that helps to identify and mitigate potential project risks. Due diligence reports also make investors feel at ease by assuring them that their investment will not go to waste. Due to this, due diligence reports can even be used to seek funding for a project, which makes due diligence services one of the top investment support services for engineering businesses.

  1. Technical advisory

Engineering businesses are engaged in projects that are very technical, and sometimes, they may lack employees who are well versed with these technical aspects. As a result, most of them will need – from time to time – to bring in experts who can provide important technical advice that will guarantee the success of the project. The technical advisory services cover various elements of a project, which can include:

– Connection to the power grid for the purpose of the project

– Technical advice on various issues regarding the environment

– Technical advice regarding civil work, electrical work, and ancillary work

– Advice during selection of equipment to be used in the project

  1. Project management

Project management is another top investment support service offered by engineering consultancy firms. The service helps to ensure that various project tasks are carried out perfectly and within the available time and budget. It includes:

– Supervision of construction activities

– Administration of contracts for the projects

– Handling of permit and statutory obligation compliance

  1. Environmental and social assessment

Engineering projects have a significant impact on the environment as well as the social fabric of the area where the project is being executed. Therefore, before the start of an environment, it is important to conduct environmental and social impact assessment of the project. Environmental and social impact assessment is thus one of the top services offered by engineering consultancy firms, and it includes:

– Environmental and social reviews when selecting a site for the project

– Preparation, management, and planning of various applications for the project

– Producing environmental and social impact assessment reports

– Preparation of environmental and social management plans

  1. Asset management

For a project to be considered successful, it must offer good revenues once it is completed. For this to happen, various assets that are allocated to the project must be managed properly to reduce wastage and improve performance. This is made possible through asset management services such as:

– Site management

– Risk management, which helps to identify the risk and costs of personnel involved in the project

– Contract management to assess the compliance of contractual obligations

– Inspections and audits

Asset management services are also offered alongside performance optimisation, another investment support service package that helps engineering firms to come up with strategic solutions that can help to improve the performance of the project.

  1. Construction monitoring

Construction monitoring is another important investment support service that is tailored for engineering projects that involve construction work. The service includes site inspections, inspection of construction activities, reviews, and preparation of various documents for the project, etc. The service helps to ensure that all the construction activities involved in an engineering project are carried out properly within the allocated budget and time. The service is of great importance to investors and/or project owners as it helps to keep them informed of the progress. Construction monitoring services can also help to identify various issues in the construction work, thus allowing for timely solutions.

  1. Commercial advisory

The commercial aspect is one of the most important areas of an engineering project. However, since most engineers are not trained in commercial matters, it is important to bring in experts who can offer technical advice on commercial aspects, which brings about the need for commercial advisory. Commercial advisory is thus one of the top investment support services offered by engineering consultancy firms, and it covers:

– Procurement of resources

– Negotiating contracts

– Assessing and mitigating project risks

  1. Energy management

Energy management is an investment support service offered to engineering-related businesses to help them come up with energy efficiency solutions, thus improving the economic value of a project. Energy management services also help to ensure that a project complies with various energy standards, for example, carbon footprint compliance.


Since engineering projects involve a lot of technical elements, engineering businesses usually find themselves in a position where they do not have any employees with technical experience needed to understand and make important decisions on various project matters. However, with the help of engineering consultancy firms, engineering businesses can gain affordable investment support services, which will help the business owners to make the right decisions on various aspects of the project.

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