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An Easy Guide to Buy A Postpaid Sim Online

Most people are confused when asked to choose between a prepaid or a postpaid connection when getting a mobile plan. A postpaid plan is useful if you want a single account for your smart device and phone plan payments. You also don’t have to bother about getting a top-up on your plan like in prepaid services. But if it is your first time trying out the postpaid connection plan, you might not know the exact functions and benefits of it. So, we will take you through how a postpaid connection plan works and how can you choose the best one for yourself.

What is Postpaid Connection?

Postpaid connection is where you first avail the services and pay for them later. Professionals, employees, and people that belong to the business class prefer postpaid connection over a prepaid plan. With this plan, you will get charged at the end of the month, or your postpaid billing cycle or as the contract with your service provider. The bill will sum up the cost of all the services availed during that particular period. It will also specify the limit for browsing, texting and calling minutes.

When you plan on getting a postpaid connection, your credit history will play a crucial role in being eligible for the plan. Your service provider will hold your credit history as a base to determine whether you are financially capable to pay your outstanding bills. If you are not able to do so, the service provider can take legal action for non-payment of the postpaid bill.

How To Get An Airtel Postpaid Sim Online?

The usual way to buy a postpaid SIM is by physically visiting an Airtel store. Another way to get a new SIM is by applying online on the Airtel portal or the app. Online access to Airtel allows you to avail services like mobile number portability, checking the porting status and buying a new postpaid connection online. Airtel also provides home delivery services of postpaid SIM

Buy from An Airtel Store

  • You can book an appointment and visit any of the Airtel stores near you. Make sure to visit the store during working hours.
  • Carry your identity proof document such as your Aadhar card and address proof along with you to the store.

Buy Postpaid SIM Online

  • Apply for an Airtel Postpaid SIM

Go to the Airtel Page on the website or the Airtel Thanks App and fill in your details at https://www.airtel.in/myplan-infinity/submit-form. After filling in all the required details, click on Submit to send the Airtel Postpaid SIM request. An Airtel executive will soon be assigned to guide you through the process.

  • Finalize The Request

Once the Airtel representative has been assigned to you, the next step is to finalize your request. You can confirm your request for either MNP (Mobile Number Portability) or a new Airtel postpaid number. Based on your provided address, the nearest Airtel store will deliver your Airtel Postpaid SIM to your home.

  • Complete The Documentation Process

Minimum documentation is required to buy a new postpaid SIM online. Before reaching your address, the Airtel executive will inform you about the documents that you need to submit to begin the process of either MNP or getting a new postpaid number

  • Set Up A Time Slot For Delivery

The Airtel store will call you regarding the time slot for the delivery. You can let them know a convenient time to receive the SIM. Moreover, the Airtel executive will also give you a call before he arrives at your address. Note that the home delivery of your Airtel postpaid SIM card is free. In case, you face any issues with the SIM or the service, you can reach out to the Airtel executive.

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