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All Types of Custom-Built Trailers

If you’re interested in having a custom built trailer, experienced designers and manufacturers can help you.  There’s a wide range of custom built trailers that can be made to suit your individual requirements.  There’s everything from standard designs which are ideal for domestic use through to enclosed trailers, perfect for tradesmen.

Uniquely designed trailers have ribbing on all four sides to increase durability and strength.  Trailers manufactured by specialist companies in Australia come with tie down rails on all sides, positioned on top of the mudguards that provides extra tie down points as well as additional strength.

Find out more about custom-built accessories

Along with quality trailers there’s also the option to buy custom built accessories like:-

  1. Cages
  2. Racks
  3. Ramps
  4. Gas bottle holders

Why not have your trailer galvanised? Hot dip galvanising protects the trailer and its parts against corrosion.  Galvanised trailers don’t rust and galvanising also increases the service life of a trailer especially in conditions where it’s subject to increased corrosion risks such as the seaside.

Get in touch with custom-built trailer manufacturing specialists

Whatever type of trailer you’re interested in, get in touch with custom built trailer manufacturers.  Make contact today to benefit from a free quotation from reputable firms that offer:-

  • Factory direct prices
  • Top of the range custom built trailers
  • 12 month warranty
  • Tie downs and ribbings on all sides
  • Checker plate floors
  • Delivery in around two weeks

You can make enquiries by telephone, fax or online.  If you choose online, for expert advice leave your name, e-mail address, contact telephone number and comments.  When it comes to custom built trailers there are many different types available for instance:-

  • Machinery/plant trailers – machinery trailers vary from 2000kg, 2800kg and 4500 kg with the option of hydraulic, mechanical or electrical brakes.  Machinery/plant trailers can be made to suit your specific machinery. In this category the most common and popular trailers are for bob cats and lawn mowers.  They have heavy duty checker plates or open mesh floors with ramps for easy loading and unloading.
  • Standard box trailers – heavy duty standard box trailers are also a popular buy. They have checker plate floors, plates and mudguards along with checker plate bracket support lights for extra strength.  Other features include 5 leaf springs for heavy duty suspension, just what’s needed for carrying heavy load capacities Standard box trailers also have 75×50 drawbars, front and rear supports on mudguards.  They are available in 14 or 21 inch ribbed sides.

Built Trailers

  • Enclosed trailers – enclosed trailers tick the right boxes for any transport situation where cargo needs to be sheltered from the elements or if you feel extra protection for your load is needed.  This type of trailer also comes with the option of tool boxes, lawn mower compartments and other items depending on your needs.

For all your custom-built trailer requirements, don’t hesitate to call the experts for a professional service.

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