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A Guide to Choosing a Printing Service in London

There’s certainly no shortage of printing services on offer in London. Finding one is easy, finding the right one for your specific requirements is slightly trickier.

The printing industry has undergone many changes over the past few decades; technology has advanced at an astonishing rate, times have changed, old skills have had to make way for new skills. Computers, software and up to date printing processes mean that, nowadays, any Tom Dick or Sally can start their own printing business!

  • However, there’s one very important thing that has not That’s the need for individual flair, designer skills and an astute understanding of a client’s requirements.

The printing industry hasn’t gotten any easier, it has, it can be argued, become less professional heralding a general, almost inevitable, drop in standards.

So, here’s a short guide to choosing a printing service in London:

  1. Do not simply ‘shop on price’

The cheapest options in life are invariably the wrong options. If you’re looking for stationary and/or marketing literature for a business then quality is of the utmost importance. You’ll expect clear text, in a suitable font, backed up by good design on quality paper.

Keep your standards high! Do not skimp on price; elsewise you could be doing your business a massive disservice.

  1. Find a helpful experienced company

Has the printing company the experience and skills to assist with your requirements?  Does the company have examples of work completed for businesses similar to yours?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance. A good company will have experienced printers and designers only too willing to help with your endeavours.

Be concerned with design and image. You may well benefit from the advice of a competent designer; one who can relate to your business model and come up with a few ideas to improve your business image. Successful businesses, virtually without exception, have a business image, a logo, a catch phrase; some immediate impact design that tells potential customers something positive about your service or products.

Look for a lively, enthusiastic and forward thinking printing company. Should you have an opportunity to look around the printing company’s office or factory then do so. You will pick up a feel for their professionalism, capacity and ability to deliver your order to the highest quality.

  1. Testimonials tell the tale

Ask the company for testimonials, look online for comments about the company. Testimonials can be very revealing; OK, not always fair but consistently good or bad reviews have to be taken into account.

Ask to see a portfolio of work and a list of clients, again this could prove enlightening. Seeing a portfolio of impressive work completed on behalf of respected companies will be most reassuring. Reassuring enough to, probably, close the deal!

In conclusion

Whilst you may not have bundles of cash to throw at your printing project, do set a sufficient budget to get the quality your business deserves. Better to have less printed to a high quality than end up with a load of substandard, ineffective waste paper.

When it comes to print services in London you will be spoilt for choice; however, don’t let your choice spoil your prospects!

Remember, there’s no substitute for experience and quality, and definitely no room for cheap and cheerful.

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