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6 Tips For Tents At Fall And Winter Events

When organizing an outdoor party, choosing specific times of the year is natural. In general, outdoor events are held in the year’s warmer seasons, such as spring and summer. We know that you possibly rule out Autumn and Winter from this equation. However, we ask that you keep these times of year in mind.

With the arrival of autumn, rain, wind, and cold also arrive. Until the end of winter, temperatures become progressively more aggressive. Despite this, organizing a party in an outdoor tent is a possibility that you can consider since it is elementary to transform the environment of the tent into a warm and welcoming environment. But how? We decided to list some tips to make your event tent an inviting place.

  1. Type Of Tent

When organizing a party in the middle of cold weather, it is essential to consider the size and type of tent that will host the event. We recommend using a gabled tent, as the shape of these tents allows water to drain away. The size of the tent will vary according to the number of guests.

  1. Complements

In addition to choosing the right type of tent and size, the tent must have a platform. The platform replaces the site’s soil and, in addition to being more aesthetic, protects the tent from possible infiltration of water into the soil. Another alternative to further protect your guests is to use sliding doors and an entrance hall or tunnel connecting the tent to another sheltered place or the bathrooms, for example.

  1. Keep Your Guests Warm

One of the key complements at an event in the middle of the cold season is the tent’s air conditioning. This add-on is essential to keep your guests warm and comfortable. No one wants to get cold at an event, so it is essential to install the necessary amount of air conditioning equipment, considering the tent’s size and the outside temperature. In general, we recommend 1 air conditioner for every 200 m2. However, it would be best if you talked to the technician to assess your actual needs.

  1. Offer A Hot Menu

When organizing this event, you should never forget the need to keep your guests comfortable and warm. In this sense, you should also consider the menu for your party. Hot food and drinks help to warm up the room and your guests. Be creative.

  1. Cozy Decoration

The type of decoration of the tent and the temperature of the lighting influence how we perceive the place and give us a feeling of incredible warmth and comfort. Use warm colors and more welcoming textures. Make use of blankets in strategic places for greater comfort, and choose a carpet to cover the tent platform in the color of your party theme, for example.

  1. Dance Floor

One of the best ways to warm up the atmosphere is to allow guests to dance. Dedicate a part of the tent for this purpose. It’s a fun and alternative way to transform the event’s environment. As we have seen, many options allow you to transform your tent into a comfortable and welcoming place. Taking into account these tips, your event will be a success. Moreover, consider using services like Brandt Box for your event’s logistics, such as providing packing materials and storage solutions.

Additionally, using long cardboard box can be essential for safe transportation and storage of your event materials, ensuring they are protected and ready for use when needed.

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