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5 Working Environments that Rely on Rigging Gear

There are several jobs in which rigging gear is utilised, and it makes the workplace run more smoothly, as well as making this safer for the workers. Rigger gear makes it easier to do those big jobs that would simply require too much man power, or simply be beyond the help of workers. We have outlined some of the more common working environments that are consistently using rigging gear to complete their work.

Trucking Industry

For truckers who haul heavy loads, the use of load restrains is a must have. This rigging gear is meant to ensure that the load is moved safely and efficiently to the drop off point. Whether the trucker uses ratchet straps or transport chains, their load is safe either way.

Shipping Industry

Within the shipping industry, they are often offloading their items onto trucks to go to their next location. However, within the shipping building, there are tons of things happening. For example:

  • Moving heavy crates and barrels
  • Hoisting boxes onto high shelves and upper levels of the building

This is why the shipping industry often utilises lifting attachments to ensure that this is done with speed and efficiently.


The railroad could not run without the help of rigging gear. Several pieces of rigging gear are used on the railroad. For example:

  • Rail lifting equipment to help with moving rails from one location to the next and putting these into place to complete the railway.
  • Rail pulling and turnover equipment is used to help remove those rails that may be damaged and are affecting how the railway is running.


In the automotive industry, particularly those who are mechanics, the use of chains, hoists and inches are often used daily to help ensure that the vehicles they are working on is manageable. This gear can make the job easier and safer for all those involved in working on a car. For example, lifting engines out of the vehicle, helping to do body work and suspend pieces in the air, or the like.


Utility workers often find themselves having to work on equipment that is placed throughout the environment to help supply power or water to the residents. For power workers, the use of pole work, a pole work platform is going to be greatly appreciated. In addition, the use of chains and ropes are often used when dealing with heavy equipment. Utility workers may also have cranes and the like out when placing new poles into an area.

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