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5 Mistakes which can Kill Your SEO Efforts

If you own a website and don’t have traffic, you will not be able to make profits what you intend. Good and continuous traffic is important when it comes to making money from your website. Search engine optimization is the most effective marketing technique which can bring organic traffic. However, it should be done on a regular basis so that the traffic never dies on your site which means you will be able to earn more profits than ever before. It has been observed that many web masters make mistakes while performing SEO on their site. In order to enjoy benefits, you must avoid below mentioned common mistakes:

Writing poor content

If you have hired a cheap content writer to write for your sites and content marketing, you are likely to get banned soon on major search engines. You should keep in mind that highly quality and error-free content can help you get the site on top most searches of search engines. That’s why, you should always consider getting informative and lengthy content on your site and for content marketing. If you are posting content on your blog, you need to make sure that it should be well researched because search engines give more preferences to high quality content according to the latest updates. Likewise, duplicate content should not be posted on your site or blog to avoid ban.20141223_local-seo-01Working on unplanned strategies

You should know that search engine optimization services vary as per the requirements. Some of them include link building, reputation management, retargeting, PPC campaign and various others. It is not a good idea to choose any of these services and implement. In case of search engine optimization, planning plays a vital role. You should prepare a plan before implementing any SEO strategy. All your efforts will be wasted and you will not achieve any positive result.Educate_a

Paid Links

Gone are the days when paid links mattered a lot because more links meant better rankings on search engines. The scenario has changed nowadays because search engines like Google keep coming up with the updates. They change their ranking algorithms from time to time. In order to get links, you have to write quality posts and share with people. If you want to pay for links, you should pay for campaigns like PPC instead.

Submitting too many Press Releases but not news

It has been observed that people submit various press releases on the sites as to get better rankings. However, it is not a good idea to write PR on every small happening in your company. Instead, you should tell others news about your company such as launching of new products or services. This way, you will get natural traffic on your site.


If you are looking for the suitable SEO marketing service, you should keep in mind above mentioned key points. A good SEO company can bring more traffic on your site which means more business and profits. So, you must choose the company carefully.

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