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5 Developments Changing Apps Today

While it may seem as though smartphones are ubiquitous today, the technology remains only a decade old. The mobile app world is only just emerging from its infancy, although one thing is certain: nothing will stay the same in this industry for long. However, here are some of the things that are changing the way applications are built, and what kinds of applications get built, in 2016.

#1 Flat Design

A recent design shift has seen major players like Apple move from 3D, or skeuomorphic, to a 2D flat design. Skeuomorphism added shadows, angles, and depth to icons and logos, while flat design has a more minimalistic, cleaner look. In terms of utility, flat design means an app will load faster and function better. Anyone looking for more information on changing design standards should stop by Clearbridgemobile.com/blog/ .

#2 User Personas

A user persona is a profile of specific consumer attitudes and behaviours, including their pain points and wants, generated from research on a group of actual people. Personas themselves are not new; they’ve existed since the ’90s, but they’ve recently become indispensable when it comes to creating apps that will get your customers’ attention.

#3 TV Everywhere

A number of media companies are faced with the challenge posed by cord-cutters and their younger counterpart, “cord-nevers.” Cord-cutters are consumers who are turning away from traditional content packages (like cable subscriptions) because of the availability of content digitally. Content owners are being left behind because they’re not on the platforms that consumers want to use. Content owners of all stripes, from television to news, are now playing catch up with their consumers. Meanwhile, Apple TV is busy bringing apps to the living room, giving many companies an opportunity to turn their applications into better visual or interactive experiences. While good developers will always build applications native to the platform, a practice of companies like Clearbridge Mobile, Apple TV is the kind of platform that demands a unique user experience.

#4 Integrated Mobile Retail Experiences

Starbucks’ “skip the line” app is just one product proving that mobile technology can completely change the way consumers experience retail. Some critics suggested that consumers were not interested in retail on their smartphones because they either had to use brick and mortar locations anyway or they would prefer to make purchases from their PC. Consumers feel safer inputting credit information on their PC than their phone, although younger consumers are instinctively on their devices. Forward-thinking development companies are learning how to integrate mobile use into the brick and mortar retail experience, from “skip the line” options to Clearbridge Mobile’s completely touchless, leave-your-phone-in-your-pocket payment system.

#5 Virtual Reality

Industry watchers are suggesting that VR technology could become more widely accessible sooner than anyone anticipated, and that means companies are beginning to think about how to get onboard. It’s not just gaming, either – media, medical, and education industries are all exploring the opportunities that will be created by the upcoming launch of Google Daydream.

When you’re searching for an app building company, make sure you work with one that’s eager to pioneer new technologies as exciting opportunities arise.

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