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5 birthday gift ideas that would make wifey fall in love with you again

She loves to be pampered because she is the dad’s little princess and she would always remain like that. Even when she becomes a mom of two, a part of her would still be the little kid that calls her from the childhood. Whatever you do make her feel special on her birthday, make sure that she gets back a taste of her lost childhood in this celebration. How to do that depends on you and stories that are wrapped around your wife. I am here to give you some amazing ideas to make you wife’s birthday a special one. Check out these birthday gifts for wife and do something special for her on this day.

 And the Oscar for Best Wife goes to….

Sometimes, she is the most under-rated member of the family and she never complains for that. This year on her birthday, give her an award that says “best Wife trophy” and design that trophy just like the replica of an Academy Awards. This one would be really fun and see the childish smile on her face. Many people have already used this idea and achieved a lot from it and now it’s your turn to apply the charm of the Oscars.

Personalized Sip

A coffee mug that is designed with her picture and carries her DOB and her signature would be a fantastic idea to make her feel good on her birthday. Fill up this coffee mug with some cookies and handmade chocolates. These handmade chocolates can be the ones that are churned out by your mom-in-law and she would be super excited to get the taste of these chocolates for sure.

Decorated with Style and Love

A wooden antique looking box that is carved and designed intricately can be presented to her on her birthday as a jewelry box for her. She would cheer up with this gift for sue because these kind of wooden jewelry box has a call from the old world charm. She would gleefully keep her necklaces, earrings, and pendants in this box. Well, you can play a bit with this gift by keeping a sweet love letter inside the jewelry box because love is the real ornament of life.

Fitness Check

She is the architect of your life and you cannot take her for granted and therefore the fitness has to be kept in check. There’s an innovative wristband that can check your pulse rate, distance covered, calories burned, and hours of sleep, etc. You can get this gift for your wife on her birthday and keep a check on her fitness. This is the most practical way of showering love and care for wifey dear.

Read the Old Stories Again

Sometimes we all need to go back to our childhood to find our lost innocence and simplicity. As a birthday gift for wife, you can pack all her favorite childhood books and novels like Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, Noddy, Famous Five, Alice in Wonderland, and even Mills and Boons. She would be really happy to get these from you.

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