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3 Reasons You Need Active Shooter Response Training

It might as well be considered a global disaster, the fact that a person can easily walk into your place of work and openly start shooting at innocent individuals. A staggering statistic is that, in the past 13 years, over 1000 people have been killed or wounded as a result of active shooting. While this number can be greatly reduced, the change should start from an individual level. This simply means that one should be familiar with proper techniques of surviving in the incident of a mass shooting through enrolling for active shooter response training. This training will go some way in reducing the casualties in active shootings in workplaces and other related institutions. Among the major reasons why people need this form of training include:

To give you first response advantage

According to a study, active shooter situations usually happen within the first 10 to 15 minutes. This is not enough time for a response team to make way to the scene in an attempt to save lives. Needless to say, the fact that all the events happens so fast, it is mostly up to  the people involved in the scenario to improve  their chances of survival. Having proper training will do exactly this, by making you as individuals, your own response team. If more people are trained to respond swiftly, then the shooter can be neutralized before much damage is inflicted.

Building individual confidence in shooter scenarios

No one really likes to think about how they would react when they are involved in an active shooting, with many just willing to let go of the thought and hope for the best but in truth, this is a dangerous means of living. Through the shooter response training, individuals can be able to understand the various scenarios that they can be involved in as far as active shooting is concerned and this mere understanding of these scenarios can create a sense of confidence of surviving the shooting. In addition, most of the victims of the shootings are mostly those who have no idea how to conduct themselves, or are somehow in a panic and end up in the line of fire.

Training makes you target free

It has been found that most targets of an active shooting exhibit some similar tendencies such as complacency, predictability, visibility, as well as exhibiting some very vulnerable tendencies such as freezing or being sloppy in their movements. This is one major reason why such shooter response training is so important, particularly to employers such as teachers and other staff in any potential target in the form of an institution. Through training, all these life- threatening situations can be worked on to ensure that responses at an individual level are swift and prompt to improve chances of surviving.

In conclusion, the fact is that, we can no longer be fully dependent on response teams to curb the active shooting scenarios as the damage may well have already been done. At the end of the day, active shooter response training is the best chance of ensuring many lives are preserved.

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