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10 Online Tools for Executive Search Leaders in Business

For executive search leaders in business, it is imperative that they stay on top of what is going on in the market in order to continue finding the best talent, making executive decisions and ensuring profits are on the up. That is why there are numerous tools and apps in which these leaders should be using in everyday aspects of business. We have outlined some of the best tools to have on hand to ensure that you are staying on top of everything that you need to do.

Social Media Network Linkedin

For executive search leaders in business, Linkedin is becoming a valuable online tool to utilise. Here you can connect with other professionals in your field and with those who you may be considering for positions within your company.

Jibber Jobber

This is a contact management system that is going to allow you to tag contacts, keep their information safe and basically have this information at the tips of your fingers whenever it is needed.


This is software that is used by many executive search leaders throughout the globe that allows for easier client solutions, ability to keep contact information in one spot, and makes the job easier and more organised. This is a program that can be used on mobile devices as well.


This is an online tool that allows a person to track projects, help with recruitment and customer service. It is simple to use and has been highly recommended since it has a visually friendly platform.

Leaders in Business


This software is useful for all business leaders, no matter what their job is. They will find that this software helps to keep track of online conversations, calendars and the like.


This product allows for you to have something on hand for people to sign, without having to drag around a lot of paperwork. It can be essential for those business leaders who want to go green.


This allows for you to access files and folders while on the go. Plus, it gives the advantage to share these with others with just a click of a button.

This article was written on behalf of the expert business team at Amrop, an executive search consultancy for businesses.


This app is great for those who want to keep better management of their time. Many business leaders use this to log how long they spend in meetings with potential employees or the like.


This is an app that connects you with professionals in a chosen field, depending upon your GPS location. This can be helpful when looking for new executives to add to the team or just for someone who can answer questions.


For those leaders who travel, they need to have this app on their device. This will allow them to summon a ride based on their geo-location, no matter where they are at. It is greatly helpful and you never know when it could be used.

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